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Contemporary-living-room-furniture-and-how-to-arrange Design-of-the-living-room-part-i Design-of-the-living-room-part-ii There are many styles of decoration, oriental, rustic Zen, classic English style loft or minimalist decor, Mediterranean atmosphere, among many others, it is difficult to select one specific to our area, so we know them a little before rejecting or welcome. Some distinct trends that are used in decorating are:



Home-decor-ideas-for-living room Home-Living-Room-Decor-Decorating-a-Living-Room Interior-Design-for-Living-Rooms Kitsch, the predominate color and shapes, plus how to use and garish eyesores. Are common gum pink, sky blue, apple green and red. In terms of texture, wire, synthetic leather, glass, plastic and paper. The furnishings are odd shapes, such as we see lava lamps, crazy accessories and art objects from this culture. You can use curtains and cushions fringes of hair. In summary, patterns and bright objects. Luxury-interior-design-elegant-Victorian-living-room-with-carpet-comfortable-sofa-set-mirrors-coffee-table-and-living-room-furniture


Living-Room-Decorating-Ideas Living-room-design Living-room-design-attractive-living-room-with-French-country-theme Shabby Chic, preference for antique furniture and objects to date, ie a bit worn, or patina, but that does not look old. It is based on furniture and accessories such as lamps, antique chandeliers patinated, painted antique furniture, which combine with existing fabrics, upholstery, pillows and curtains with flowers. Mediterranean-style-bedroom-with-carpet-comfortable-bed-red-orange-window-curtains-and-bedroom-furniture


Decorating-your-master-bedroom Design-the-perfect-modern-master-bedroom Harmony-in-the-bedroom-part-1 Classic style, based on the conservative bourgeois house, using traditional materials of colors that enliven the space, such as garnets, green, red and brown. Other elements are the prints, plants, walls, baseboards, cornices and delicate ornaments. Art-Deco style whose heyday was produced between 1920 and 1940. Its purpose is decoration, use geometric shapes in composition and cool tones, soft.


Bedroom-decoration-ideas Bedroom-design-ideas Bedroom-Designing-Ideas-Made-Easy Victorian, is a classic style that developed in England, while passed the monarchy of Queen Victoria. It is ornate, florid and excesses on the grounds, your furniture is heavy. Louis XV, elegant and warm, with elements of Baroque, Rococo, with oriental touches, the colors are intense, deep, involved with wood and marble. Puebla, parts of cultures Mayas, Toltecs and Aztecs. Handcrafted details, polished wooden furniture and wrought iron design. Eclectic is a mix styles and textures, with no rules to follow. Cottage, rural and simple. Home uses natural fibers such as linen, cotton and wool, among others. Rennie Hills, features off white color, environments sober beige, white, etc.. contrasted with mahogany wood and dark honey. Clean, modern decor, ornate coordinated by the repetition of motifs. Sambott decoration, was named because of its creator Samuel Botero, a Colombian, who works with a complementary color scheme with a modern line.

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